Oliver Stretton-Pow

  1. Mariner:
  2. Seesea:
  3. Exploded Sub:
  4. Heirloom:
  5. Hive :
  6. Bean Rock:
  7. Father and Son:
  8. Father detail:
  9. Mariner detail:
  10. Muses:
  11. Ascend:
  12. Liberty:
  13. Jigger Roulette:
  14. Ullysses dreaming:
  15. Black stick (after the cruel sea):
  16. Old Hat:
  17. Folley 1:

Waiheke Sculpture


The show at the Waiheke Community Gallery included a series of axe heads and two bows, inspired partly by Homer’s Odyssey, and partly by family. The Odyssey concerns the 10 year journey of Odysseus to his home of Ithaca after the Trojan War. The two bows that form part of the work, one large and one small, represent father and son, a link to family crest symbols, and the axe theme ties in to Oliver’s mother who gave him a gift of an axe, a treasured possession that accompanied him on his travels estabilishing bronze foundries in Europe, the UK and Israel.

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